Future Proofing The Retail Banking Industry

Innovative workforce strategies retail banks need now.

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Workforce Strategies Retail Banks Need Now

Business as Usual is a Thing of the Past…

Under pressure from automation, increased regulation and evolving customer expectations, the retail banking industry is transforming. To thrive, banks need innovative people strategies to future proof their workforce and bottom line.

Only 14% of global customers feel extremely confident in the banking industry today.

- “The Relevance Challenge: What Retail Banks Must do to Remain in the Game,” EY, 2016

As the global career experts within ManpowerGroup, Right Management has a unique perspective on the workforce strategies Retail Banks will need to transform in order to win amidst this skills revolution.

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Gain additional perspective on today's retail banking industry from Right Management’s senior leaders.

Upskilling the Retail Banking Workforce

Authors: Phil Holmes, Head of Client Delivery, Right Management

Excerpt from this post:

The retail banking industry is in flux, putting more pressure on organizations to attract and retain the workforce needed to thrive. So, what skills sets are needed to staff the retail banking workplace, and how can leaders put their teams in the best position to succeed?

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Career Management Strategies Retail Banks Need Now

Author: Neil McDonald, Associate Director, Marks Sattin (An Experis Company)

Excerpt from this post:

"The global economic uncertainty and stock market volatility has however resulted in an air of cautiousness when it comes to recruiting talent. While the road ahead remains uncertain, proactive planning and management of careers will benefit both individuals and the Bank they work for."

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Retail Banking in the Era of Digital Transformation: What’s a Leader to Do?

Author: Steve Towers, Vice President, Principal Consultant, Right Management

Excerpt from this post:

The wave of digitalization hitting the retail banking industry is changing the game for leaders in ways that create both challenge and opportunity. What does this mean for leaders of retail banks?

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Learn how Right Management's Solutions can help your organization.

While many have projected the demise of the bank as we know it, we believe that retail banking will be more resilient than expected. As banks experiment with new products, services, and delivery channels, organizations will need a new type of leader, and talent strategies to support the transformation that will be needed to compete. As Global Career Experts, Right Management is uniquely positioned to guide this transformation. Learn more about our workforce solutions.


To build the high performing teams needed to thrive, Retail Banks need to think beyond traditional business performance metrics and work equally hard towards providing meaningful career development opportunities for their workforce. Learn how an effective career management strategy can help improve engagement, foster employee development and ensure your organization is viewed as an employer of choice.

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Forward thinking leaders have the courage to make decisions, take risks, and seize opportunities. Yet, 87% of organizations do not believe they have future leaders identified to fill critical roles.Learn how our P3 Leader model can help you identify, develop and retain the right leaders in your organization.

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Managing a dynamic workforce today is far different than it was ten or even five years ago. Technological innovation, the rise of the portfolio employee and the flattening and globalization of corporate structures are just a few of the trends that require leaders to evolve their approach. Right Management can provide tools and strategies to help your organization succeed.

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Right Management is the global career and talent development expert within ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN).  We help organizations become more agile, attractive and innovative by creating a culture of career management and learning that nurtures future talent, motivates and engages people, and provides individuals with opportunities to increase their value throughout their careers.  We improve time to value through our expertise in organizational effectiveness, career management and individual development.  Our approach is centered on the fact that organizations thrive when individuals are successful in their careers.  We’ve spent the last 35 years identifying workforce challenges and developing innovative solutions, enabling our globally informed methods to be time-tested across more than 50 countries.